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Save your child's school memories for generations to come

Where are your child's reports, awards, artwork and memorabilia?

    •  Is your fridge door overloaded with awards and certificates? 
    •  Or is your dining table piled high with artwork?
    •  Or is that big plastic box full of crumpled school stuff?
    •  OR! Have you thrown those memories in the rubbish bin?
Jo DrennanCreator ~ School Stuff Sorted

Hi, I'm Jo. As a mother of 3, I've had many years of seeing all that stuff come home from school: report cards, awards, artwork and memorabilia.

There were 3 major reasons I created the School Stuff Sorted storage system: to show my children that I truly value their effort and their creativity, to encourage them to express their own unique selves and to pass their memories down to future generations.

I also look forward to my future days as a grandparent, sharing laughter, joy and tears with my grand-kids as we relive the school days of their mum and dad.

I'd love to share a story with you

It was a hot Sunday morning when my youngest daughter Kate flew in the back door.

I knew I was in trouble when she excitedly said “Mummy where’s my butterfly painting?” Aaggh. My mind went into overdrive. What excuse could I come up with?

She continued, now ramping up the excitement, “there’s a butterfly outside, just like the one I painted”.

Mmmmm. The one she painted? I remembered it, but I also remembered a quick dash to the rubbish bin with it while she was sleeping! Which creative little white lie could I quickly come up with? I really wanted to say “the dog ate it”. But I didn't think that would work considering we didn’t own a dog at the time!

The truth was that I had thrown it in the bin – but my heart sank and I couldn’t tell her that

After a few anxious moments, I picked her up and headed for the paints “Sorry Kateski, but I didn’t keep that one, how ‘bout we paint another one”? Thankfully, we made it to the garden and found another butterfly before the tears got out of hand.

After that, it got me thinking:

“How can I store all of these precious pieces in an organised way so that Kate and I have them forever”

Kate is my youngest of 3 kids, so by this time I’d had many years of receiving report cards, awards, artwork and memorabilia. All 3 of my kids loved sharing their awards, artwork and reports with me. And what did I do with the majority of them? I threw them in the bin.

​I had to come up with a way to store these precious memories!

I wanted my kids to know that I truly value their effort and their creativity

I drew on my filing and record keeping knowledge gained from my experience as a bookkeeper and I began to develop a system. A system that would see me sharing these memories with my children and my grandchildren for many years to come. 

I soon felt proud that any “auditor” could request a Participation Award, Naplan Report, Birthday Certificate or any other piece of evidence in just 3 seconds flat!

I wanted to: 

  • Neatly store their school stuff so that I could move the piles I had everywhere to one neat place
  • Easily re-visit their school stuff so that we could regularly share their personal growth
  • Make it simple so that they would find it easy to use and choose to file away their school stuff themselves
  • Show them the value of being organised so that they could use this skill in other areas of their lives 
  • Store their school stuff carefully so that they can share it with their kids in future
  • Design and manufacture the product in Australia as I believe in supporting local business
  • Easily flick to a particular year and then further to a particular category of content
  • Store a school photo for each year so that I could see how much my "babies" changed across the years

My Solution 

The School Stuff Sorted Storage System

​Your choice of 3 binders

Primary Binder - Secondary Binder - Art Folio
  • Australian Made
  • Fully enclosed box binders
  • Quality Durable Materials
  • ​Archive Quality Sleeves
  • Personalised Spine
  • ​Magnetic Closure

A4 Primary Binder

  • Prep to Year 6
  • Holds 200 Pages
  • Each year segregated into Reports, Awards & Memorabilia

A4 Secondary Binder

  • Year 7 to 12
  • Holds 200 Pages
  • Each year segregated into Reports, Awards & Memorabilia

A3 Art Folio

  • Holds 100 Pieces of Creativity



Very solid in structure

The School Stuff Sorted Folders and Art Folio are fantastic! My children love putting their awards, certificates and art work on display for extended family and friends. The structure of these folders was important to me because I needed something to last a long time. I'm happy to say they are very solid and that's great because the kids are the ones opening and closing them all the time, occasionally dropping them!

Amardy Baucke Presenter Toddlers to Teens TV and mother of 3

My binder holds the stuff mum and dad used to lose

My binder holds the stuff mum and dad used to lose

Phoenix Munro High School Student

We could find his reports and awards straight away

School Stuff Sorted is a great concept. My son is completing Year 12 and hoping to go to UQ next year. When he went looking for his reports and awards to add to his application, we could find them all straight away

Kelli Matthews Sports Coach & Mother of 3

It was all stored neatly in his binder, making the application process very simple

My Primary School Binder was a lifesaver when it came to putting together Ben’s High School application. I didn’t have to go looking for anything as it was all stored neatly in the binder, making the application process very simple. With another two children in Primary School, I am inspired to also sort their stuff now as I have seen the benefits of being organised along the way.

Lauren Russell Engineer & Mother of 3

I used to throw everything out...

I used to throw everything out because I had nowhere to put it. Now the kids & I love going through their binders recalling all their memories. Every school holidays we set aside an hour to top them up with all their stuff from the previous term.

My daughter is organised so she loves putting everything in it's correct place. She usually ends up doing my son's as well, while he's busy telling me the story behind every single page. It's a really special time for us and one hour often turns into 3!

Jen Bettridge Founder Leading Ladies Business Academy & Mother of 2

Finally getting my kids’ school work and memorabilia sorted is a huge weight off my shoulders

With four kids, two of which are now in high school, I had been keeping things in boxes but really had no idea what I had. Finally getting my kids’ school work and memorabilia sorted is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Since sorting them all out with the School Stuff Sorted system of folders (and letting the big kids help me do it) we’ve been able to find documents and reports when we needed them and I know we’ll stay on track from now on.

Really happy that I can now cross this one off my list!

Anna Bartlett Artist & Mother of 4


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. You have 365 days to start storing your child's school day memories. If you haven't stored any memories within that time, please let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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