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About Jo | School Stuff Sorted

About Jo

Our founder Jo Drennan is an advocate for conscious parenting.  As the mother of 3 young adults, Jo knows first-hand that children are our greatest teachers, and often it’s a tough school.  Growing up in a family where feelings were never spoken about, emotional intelligence was non-existent and communication problems were handled with silence or yelling, Jo wanted to find another way, a better way.

Through her self-guided pathway of learning about how the mind works and the psychology of human beings, Jo has developed a perspective on conscious parenting that she now shares with other parents who choose to create deeper connections to their children.

Happy healthy families don’t just happen – they are nurtured and developed through conscious attention, conscious decisions and conscious actions.  Through her School Stuff Sorted products, writing and presenting, Jo helps parents reconnect to the joy of parenting.

The result is authentic resilient relationships that form a solid foundation of understanding,  mutual respect and healthy love.

Your pathway to a happy harmonious home.  Sign up to get your FREE Report Stop Yelling Start Connecting