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Stop loving your children

Have you ever said “I love my kids, but I don’t understand them”.Many parents feel guilty if they don’t understand their children, or that their love should bridge all gaps and that understanding your child should just ‘come’ with loving parenting. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and sometimes our children can be confusing or perplexing […]

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How to parent with vulnerability

Vulnerability is a sign of weaknessHave you ever thought of vulnerability as a sign of weakness, believing that any sign of it in front your kids will lead to a loss of respect and authority? In the past, this was my understanding of vulnerability. My view of parenting was that I always had to show […]

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3 simple ways to encourage creativity

Are you looking for simple ways to keep your child’s creativity alive? It’s easier than you think. You don’t need paints, colouring pencils or any physical products, you can simply invite your child’s imagination to run free. One of my favourite quotes – which is usually attributed to Einstein however, it could have been George Scialabba, […]

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How to raise kids who can say no

Have you ever been at a family event where your kids are expected to give all the adults a hug and your child doesn’t want to? What do you do here? It’s just the “done thing” and you know it will create animosity within the family if you don’t gently guide (or force) your child […]

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